Ezra 4

Helping you read your way through the the Bible with 2 minute readings in Aramaic.

Ezra 4:16a

Ezra 4:16a   https://vimeo.com/827033260?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/8xY1bbgptoU

Ezra 4:15c

Ezra 4:15c   https://vimeo.com/827033516?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/vOdJiXvM5-c

Ezra 4:15b

Ezra 4:15b   https://vimeo.com/827033435?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/5DUNi-wr6MY

Ezra 4:15a

Ezra 4:15a   https://vimeo.com/825835767?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/KdDwZ0OtRao

Ezra 4:14b

Ezra 4:14b   https://vimeo.com/825835725?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/5oohTKJZjKE

Ezra 4:14a

Ezra 4:14a   https://vimeo.com/825835667?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/UHPh0dpweFo

Ezra 4:13c

Ezra 4:13c   https://vimeo.com/825835584?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/boPVchaTzqo

Ezra 4:13b

Ezra 4:13b   https://vimeo.com/825835552?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/zwDhIWKwvxo

Ezra 4:13a

Ezra 4:13a   https://vimeo.com/825835525?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/HpsGnvMAQII

Ezra 4:12d

Ezra 4:12d   https://vimeo.com/824725264?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/Uw4ppfwnQAI

Ezra 4:12c

Ezra 4:12c   https://vimeo.com/824725244?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/pSbkkoB5ONA

Ezra 4:12b

Ezra 4:12b   https://vimeo.com/824725128?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/serIQmRSV74


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