Ezra 5

Helping you read your way through the the Bible with 2 minute readings in Aramaic.

Ezra 5:1a

Ezra 5:1a   https://vimeo.com/830810971?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/LyDuTimZk5A

Ezra 5:1b

Ezra 5:1b   https://vimeo.com/830810982?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/4wNNQvVsYOA

Ezra 5:2a

Ezra 5:2a   https://vimeo.com/830810993?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/apccqxJfabE

Ezra 5:2b

Ezra 5:2b   https://vimeo.com/830811007?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/rKaOo3ZsYRg

Ezra 5:2c

Ezra 5:2c   https://vimeo.com/830811046?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/u0NFbzWIxt4

Ezra 5:3a

Ezra 5:3a   https://vimeo.com/830811062?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/MsFofA2oMX0

Ezra 5:3b

Ezra 5:3b   https://vimeo.com/830811083?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/VtTQxUM7SKg

Ezra 5:3c

Ezra 5:3c   https://vimeo.com/830811115?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/EfyS6zXM6W4

Ezra 5:4

Ezra 5:4   https://vimeo.com/830811135?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/PS1TbFOo7E4

Ezra 5:5a

Ezra 5:5a   https://vimeo.com/830811165?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/-8y_R_Jpg7Q

Ezra 5:5b

Ezra 5:5b   https://vimeo.com/830811176?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/P5Bz8YAU5Ag

Ezra 5:5c

Ezra 5:5c   https://vimeo.com/830811188?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/dmPFdU7rTVg


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