Ezra 6

Helping you read your way through the the Bible with 2 minute readings in Aramaic.

Ezra 6:10b

Ezra 6:10b   https://vimeo.com/854375714?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/kaeYf4g3Ffo

Ezra 6:10a

Ezra 6:10a   https://vimeo.com/854375664?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/XkPPmDroyqg

Ezra 6:9e

Ezra 6:9e   https://vimeo.com/854375552?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/-gE_9dTJ4uc

Ezra 6:9d

Ezra 6:9d   https://vimeo.com/854375500?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/aSjWqbXcLRg

Ezra 6:9c

Ezra 6:9c   https://vimeo.com/854375377?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/525OhbCUY1M

Ezra 6:9b

Ezra 6:9b   https://vimeo.com/854375240?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/il0v0Jh6R2Y

Ezra 6:9a

Ezra 6:9a   https://vimeo.com/854375190?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/HhWJUr342e8

Ezra 6:8b

Ezra 6:8b   https://vimeo.com/851745015?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/M25dxro4Tuw

Ezra 6:8a

Ezra 6:8a   https://vimeo.com/851744985?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/FsoOkoO-26A

Ezra 6:7b

Ezra 6:7b   https://vimeo.com/851744869?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/nHYKhRLmy4w

Ezra 6:7a

Ezra 6:7a   https://vimeo.com/851744802?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/JRmjbPCGHmU

Ezra 6:6c

Ezra 6:6c   https://vimeo.com/851744773?share=copy   YouTube Video:   https://youtu.be/y2iLlMpmP0k


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